RideLog 20140101 | First Ride of 2014

End Odo: 345
Start Odo: 299
Miles driven: 46
Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area (http://www.exploregeorgia.org/listing/1288-dawson-forest-wildlife-management-area)

Right up to the Christmas Holidays I was hoping to get some nice clear days to put some riding miles in on the Speedmaster. The weather had been disappointingly wet and cold and not at all conducive to a nice comfortable ride out. And, of course, all the Christmas shopping, wrapping, unwrapping, returning, exchanging took up any days which were marginally acceptable! That’s how things roll.

New Year’s day. I had to ride. Or go stir crazy!

The weather hadn’t improved much, but it was dry after a long wet spell. I decided to get a short ride in before it got dark and I go crazy with PMS – Parked Motorcycle Syndrome! (What did you think it was!?). I decided to head to Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area. A decent run, avoiding highways, along the lesser used back roads. One particular road I really enjoyed the ride on. It had nice straights to open up the throttle, leading into gentle left and right bends, dips, hills and an odd bridge. Enjoyed the bends. The bike handled perfectly. Just the right speed to handle the curves without having to tap the brakes or power up the throttle. Left. Right. Left. Right. Down the hill, left and power up the gentle climb. Fortunately, I decided to record a video on the GoPro at a good time. The video (linked below) shows part of this stretch. I added the Title on the video just at the ‘horizon’ of the road just so the angle at which the bends went past can be seen. Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area turns out to be a Horse Riding Trail Park. I parked up for a few minutes., I saw folks towing a horse trailer and taking their horses for a ride around the trails. Probably, if allowed, a good spot for dirt bike riding. I then headed back home from this point. It was getting a little dark and the cold was becoming a little uncomfortable!

Certain things that the ride highlighted, which need to be looked into for future rides:

  • All weather leather gloves with inner FreezeOut gloves didn’t really offer much protection from the cold. Hands were pretty cold. Especially for cold weather rides, a warmer pair of gloves are needed.
    The leather chaps did keep the cold out over the jeans that I was wearing. But they are a little tedious to put on. Perhaps, I’ll get better at it with some more runs. But using Chaps is not the quickest if you want to get out on a quick ride quickly! Overpants might be a better option. Pull up and go!
  • The boots did allow some cold air to go through from the seam areas. But not distracting or uncomfortable. Might be an issue on wet weather rides.
  • I had my iphone with Google Maps GPS with voice guidance. Pair of ear phones got the sound to my ears. But keeping the headphones in place if the helmet needs adjusting later can be a bit of a bother. I need to set up and test out the Scala G9 system for the helmet. This bluetooths to the iphone. Avoiding the earphone hassle.
  • Next comes the power for the iphone. I currently use the 4S and the battery drains out like a bathroom sink. I need to carry a back up charger at all times. I expect to change up to the iphone soon. With that a handlebar mount will be added. This way I can see the GPS or who’s calling etc. with just a downward turn of the eyes.
  • A USB power outlet mounted on the handle bar – connected to the battery will address the charging problem. Especially for long rides. The USB power will also help charge the GoPro when mounted on the handlebar.

Please share your thoughts and comments on these items and any other tips or suggestions you may have via comments below. Video linked below the image.


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