The Smiley in the Snow

My morning routine involves getting the paper from the driveway. I was a little early today in stepping out since the Elementary school children were still there at the stop at our neighbor’s house.

The snow on the drive way had melted off. The kids were chattering away about the snow & ice. We had a chat,  admiring all the trees and snow. I went up to my car, covered with snow and in my most artistic flare, drew a masterpiece of a Smiley Face!

Something as common and ‘meh’ to us is so different to the child’s eye. The masterpiece drew ‘Ooos and Aaahs’ & ‘That’s so cool‘ and a big ‘Thank You!’ And this got them using the snow on the grass as their chalkboard, all excited and gleeful.

And I walked back in, a little wiser and a smile in my heart, to my adult world.

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