As we walked through the years of our lives, Life compiled our playlist, pretty much unbeknown to us.

Unlike other playlists, we can’t play and listen at a push of a button. This playlist is powered and triggered by our memories; Triggered by moments, events, colors, places and locations. Unlike other playlists we cannot set the mood or tone of this playlist. Life does that. We provide the blank space for Life to write and compile as we go through the Life experiences. Among generations, the genre, singers, groups, bands, maybe the same, but specific sounds, tracks touch create that unique playlist of sounds and memories.

The tracks of our Playlist are also the bookmarks in the story of our respective lives. If our Life were a book on our shelves, it would be the one packed with bookmarks, dog eared pages. Some pages oft visited, some avoided. Some caressed, some looked upon with disdain. But all of them our own. The bookmarks, the tracks, the sounds are there to remind us of each event that, to a certain degree, formed us, molded us. Moments today connect us with the moments of yesteryear through the threads of sound. A moment in time today when we walk back to the comfort times then.

Life. Music. Memories. Life

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