The CD


In this age of all things cloud; DropBox, Box, OneDrive, email even, our daughter’s school insists on that old dinosaur called a CD. Remember those? The shiny flat round circular thing, which we thought, at the time, was a gift from benevolent superior race Aliens.

The school needed some images and a word document submitted on a CD. ‘Nothing can be submitted digitally or by email’; The instructions admonished us lowly Parents. So last night, as we scrambled to meet a deadline (It’s what Parents do!) I had to ‘learn’ how to load files onto the CD. Even my laptop seemed to be scoffing at me like a Halloween Witch gone crazy! I think it silently tormented me in elongating a simple enough task, just to impress on me that burning files on a CD is the lowliest of tasks and one not worthy of it expending precious RAM and CPU.

Drag and Drop it suggested to me. That No Entry icon it kept throwing back at me.

Drag. No Entry. Drag. No Entry. Pause. Pull my hair out. Those (and that probably means close to all) people who have worked with Windows and Microsoft products will relate here. I decided to fool Windows. We can be smart like that sometimes! Instead of Drag and Drop, we shall employ the detailed never-wracking Copy and Paste procedure.

Retry. This time Ctrl C, Ctrl V, wait for the computer to be kind while it whirled that blue circle of fear. Then I felt like Neil Armstrong! The file on the CD. Neil’s foot on the Moon. Rinse; Repeat x 6. Remove CD before the laptop decides to change its mind and torment me further!

Dear School, On a CD? Really?


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