Sunday Funday | Triumph Speedmaster

Time to get the Triumph Speedmaster into prep mode. I had planned to take it out for a run to make sure everything was running like it should. I was all geared up and ready for the off; looking forward to a ‘cruising’ ride. 


Turn the key; open up KillSwitch, ignition. Click. Click. Nothing. Nada. No Go. The battery had packed up completely. Dead as a Dodo. The battery was set up on a trickle charge overnight. The Battery Tender Plus showed full charged and on standby – storage charging status. Still no go. Disappointing and frustrating. I thought the worst. Damaged Starter or Solenoid. Hoped it was the best – just a dead battery needing to be replaced. I confirmed with a Biker friend who suggested either a jump start or just get a new battery as it seemed the battery just didn’t have the juice to start the engine. 

This meant a quick run around to the local Autozone to get a replacement battery. Two visits were needed. I should have just removed the old battery and bought a battery matching the size! 

With the new battery installed; Turn the key; open up KillSwitch, Ignition. Varoommm. Sweet Thumper. Even though it was late evening and fairly dark, I took the Thumper for a quick run around the neighborhood. “Houston! All systems Go

This morning I had to run into the office. Perfect reason to take the Triumph out for a quick run. Enjoyed the short ride thoroughly. Couldn’t resist the urge to snap some keepsake photos.

This Steed will be leaving the stable soon. 


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